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Which Wood Species Is Best for Painting

When remodeling kitchens, wood species will be a major factor in the appearance and the price of the kitchen remodel. If you can't decide which wood species to go with then consider your finish type. Each wood species performs better with some colors or finishes types than others. For example, cherry has a dark red coloration that deepens with time and maple is more subtle in the way that it receives finishes.

But what about painted finishes?

Painted finishes tend to crack over time as real wood expands and contracts with changing temperature. For this reason, a medium density fiberboard (MDF) is recommended for painted cabinets. This does not mean that there is going to be particle board all throughout the kitchen. The cabinet boxes can remain all wood even though the doors and drawer fronts are made of MDF. MDF will stand the test of time against the changing temperature and humidity, which is a huge deal in warmer and more humid areas. If one wants a beautiful, painted cabinet that will stand the test of time, then she should consider an MDF door over a real wood door.

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