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Why Is Some Granite More Expensive Than Others?

When shopping for a stone material for your kitchen countertop you may wonder why some stones are so much more expensive than others? Contrary to popular belief the price of granite is not just determined by quality, but also rarity.


Stones with a speckled even pattern which only vary slightly in color from their sample are considered standard stones and are usually lower in price per square foot. Standard stone patterns are found in abundance in nature, are more durable, and create less waste during fabrication than other stones on the market.

Stones with greatly varying degrees of color, pattern, and movement are considered exotic varieties. Exotic stones are inherent to their natural surroundings and each separate slab is unique in appearance. No two stones are guaranteed to match or look exactly alike. Some people like the idea of having a one of a kind granite countertop and tend to lean toward rare and exotic stones. The unique features that give exotic stones their beautiful appearance also make the cost of the material a bit pricier. The higher price range is not only driven by the rarity of the material, but also the waste factor in stones that have prominent river patterns, and the fragility of the material itself.


The price of manmade material like engineered quartz composite or glass is a bit more complex. Some driving factors include the manufacturing process, the natural materials used, and the ratio of natural materials to resin mixture. Of course, as in any industry, supply and demand plays a big role in stone pricing as well.

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