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Five Extremely Helpful Kitchen Design Pointers

“Keep It Simple Sweet Pea”

1. Less Is More.

Functionality is a big consideration in the modern kitchen. Many people like all of the ‘Bells and Whistles’ that come with modern cabinetry, and there are a lot of options to choose from. However, when it comes to what shows on the surface it is wiser to pick one or two aesthetically pleasing decorative elements (i.e. a corner shelf with glass mullion doors, an appliance garage, or fancy hardware). Stick with simple lines for a streamlined elegance and avoid making visitors feel overwhelmed.

2. Lighting Is Key.

Lighting can completely change the look of things. Consider the amounts of natural and artificial lighting in your home and their effect on color perception. An example would be that fluorescent lights make off-white cabinets appear yellow rather than the ivory tone you may have seen on display in the kitchen show room.

3. Everything Matching.

Matching elements don’t necessarily mean using the same color throughout your design. When using a bold granite color like “Wasabi” don’t use more green! Instead consider using accent colors that are neutral, such as dark brown, chestnut, white, black, gold or grey. Use the other hues to pull understated colors in the granite forward to make your décor pop.

4. Base Cabinets

Rather than having pull-out trays installed in your base cabinets for easy access consider drawer base cabinets for your bulkier appliances, pots and pans. Drawer bases are super trendy, they provide easy access, and they are roomier than pull-outs.

5. Awkward Corner?

Awkward corners on your countertop where nothing seems to fit can be a real challenge. Try placing a rectangular appliance there at an angle, or use a round fruit bowl or wooden Lazy Susan here to utilize a difficult space.

Overall your space should reflect your good taste without making it feel over crowded or false. You want guests to feel comfortable and at home spending time with you there.

Ideas courtesy of Maura Rodgers, Designer, and Lisa Holcomb, Customer Service Rep of

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