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6 Tips to Pick Your Backsplash

Looking to update your wall space? Here are some tile backsplash ideas and tips to help you pick your tile in a systematic way.

1. Start Looking

The variety and choices of wall tiles available today can be overwhelming to say the least. When deciding on a backsplash design, concentrate on materials that appeal to your personal style. Tile choices range from simple to elegant. If you are uncertain what you really like try browsing through magazines, or online to identify where your interests lie. Some resources are listed below:

Search Tile Backsplash Pictures and Kitchen Tile Ideas on:

2. Pick Your Color

Tile Backsplash material should not be treated as a separate entity, but instead as one element needed to create the overall desired effect. Backsplash, countertops, cabinets, and floors should all work together for an even and balanced look. That is not to say that everything must match exactly, but that when used properly contrasting colors and textures should complement the entire room. Don’t be afraid to ‘mix it up’. Contrast can add interest to a room or change the look of a small space by adding the perception of width or height.

3. Find Your Shape

Another thought to consider is whether tile placement should be horizontal or vertical. Tile placed horizontally will make a room look wider or longer. If you are going with a dark tile adding a lighter vertical accent line increases the widening effect. Horizontally placed light tile with a dark accent line has the opposite effect and creates an illusion of a smaller space. To increase the perception of height place tiles vertically. With vertical tiles accent line placement should be high.

4. Select Your Backsplash Material Type

For a contemporary look try glass kitchen backsplash tiles, or glass mosaics. Glass subway tiles may offer a timeless classic look or just simplicity to tone down an exotic granite countertop. The textures and hues of glass mosaics can create a gorgeous backsplash full of intricate movement, especially when metal, stone, precious gems, or mother of pearl are incorporated in the material.

5. Variety is the Spice of Life - Now Mix It Up

Combine different materials to add interest such as stone mosaics with glass tile. Experiment with contrasting shades or different sizes of stone, porcelain, or travertine to add dimension. Try something different. What the variety can do for your design may surprise and delight you.

6. Final Tip - Visual Appeal

If you want the simplicity of a monotone tile color but want to avoid boring try a customized tile mural or hand cast tiles for the hood area to create a focal point. Different tile patterns may also help to break up the monotony of a monotone tile by using different tile patterns like herringbones, penny rounds, or rhomboids to add visual appeal.

I hope that you have found these ideas and tips helpful. If you have any questions or blog topic requests, please let me know via the Contact Us page.

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