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Granite Countertops VS Quartz Countertops

Granite countertops are quarried directly from the earth. These counters are all natural stone that are taken from the quarry as large blocks and later cut into individual slabs.

Quartz countertops typically contain a mixture of 93% crushed quartz and 7% resin. They are manufactured in a variety of different patterns and colors.

Granite Countertop Pros and Cons

Important information about the drawbacks and benefits of granite that you need to know:

1. Granite comes right out of the earth and is not uniform in its design. The unique qualities of granite are desirable to some while others consider this a drawback. For this reason, granite countertop colors are nearly endless.

2. Granite countertops need to be sealed before use, a process that should be repeated year after year for the life of the countertop. Granite is a porous stone and can stain if not sealed properly. It’s best to

reseal yearly to avoid staining.

3. Granite is extremely durable but not indestructible. Natural stone can break or chip if subjected to heavy abuse. Under normal wear-and-tear and routine care, a properly maintained granite countertop will be beautiful throughout several generations.

4. Granite is heavy (weighing between 24-30 lbs. per square foot). For safety reasons it is best to leave installation to the professionals.

5. Granite seams will show especially with an exotic pattern. However, our fabricators use special equipment to ensure the tightest possible fit and they make every effort to place seams inconspicuously when installing. The additional labor and materials required to properly seam granites with an exotic pattern can also increase granite countertop prices.

6. Granite is inherent in nature so samples cannot be a true 100% reflection of special ordered stone. In fact there may be a remarkable difference in the color and pattern of the actual slab received. For this reason we keep a healthy inventory of granite rather than offering only granite countertop samples. Granite countertop images found online are a great place to start a search, but should never be purchased based on the image, but rather a full slab.

Quartz Countertop Pros and Cons

Important information about the drawbacks and benefits of granite that you need to know:

1. Quartz is manmade so patterns and colors are uniform in design and easily reproduced with little to no variance. Quartz countertop options are more limited than granite, but they can be purchased using only an accurate sample. Tip: Be sure that the quartz countertop samples are up to date before making a final decision.

2. Quartz is non-porous, is stain-resistant, and does not require any sealing – ever. It is a virtually maintenance-free material solution for countertops.

3. Quartz countertops are just as strong as granite but have the added benefit of being more flexible. This makes them easier to work with during the installation process. These counters are also very durable but they cannot be considered indestructible either.

4. Quartz countertops should be professionally installed as quartz is even heavier than granite.

5. Quartz seams are less visible and easier to hide because the counter has been colored and manufactured. You can expect to see seams with a quartz counter but they will be less visible if you choose a slab that’s darker in color.

6. Quartz countertops can discolor over time when exposed to direct sunlight. NOTE: If part of your counter receives UV rays from the sun while another part doesn’t, over time you may see a color difference.

Forget the reviews - It’s all about you!

Browsing the internet through all of the reviews about granite vs. quartz can be very confusing with all the differences of opinion and personal preferences out there. One homeowner will be a strong advocate of quartz while another insists that granite is the only way to go. Just keep in mind that such passionate reviews point out just how pleased people are with their countertops. When all is said and done these reviews make one thing clear, it doesn’t matter if you choose granite or quartz you are going to love the finished product!

When it comes to aesthetics this is a personal choice. No one can tell you which looks better because both granite and quartz make lovely countertops and you will eventually find one you like more than others. It is like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is your choice based on your personal preference to decide which one you like best. Do you prefer something with a natural earthy aspect? Then you may prefer granite. Do you like sleek and elegant? Then you may prefer quartz. It is all about you!

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