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Common Surprises In Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling can be a very scary thing. How should I spend my hard earned money and how do I budget this? We commonly ask questions about flooring type, cabinet brand, installers, backpslash color, and hundreds of other questions throughtout the remodel process with little consideration for the budget for surprises. The question I want to help customers start asking is 'where do the surprise expenses lie in my kitchen?'

1. Soffit Tearout - Soffit Tearout is becoming more popular, especially in older homes. The older the home, the greater the risk of hidden plumbing, electrical, and sheetrock work, all of which can cost an additional hundreds of dollars and slow down the remodel.

2. Flooring Footprint - It is imperitive to look at the flooring footprint when measuring for cabinets. If the new flooring is not being but in then the toe kick space needs to be measured. Most cabinets have slab underneath them and do not have a matching floor. If the cabinets go in and this is not accounted for, then the charge can be several hundreds more.

3. Mold - Mold is, in many cases, unforseeable until the cabinets are out of the way. If there is mold present, then it must be removed before any new cabinets can go back in place. This has a fairly large price tag depening on the location and size of the problem.

4. Incorrect Measurements - Incorrect measurments is the most common error and the most expensive error of all. All measurements should be tripple checked (preferrably by different people) and studied prior to ordering. This step can save thousands of dollars and weeks for time without the kithen.

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