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All Plywood Construction vs. Particle Board Construction

All Plywood Construction vs. Particle Board Construction

It may seem that the obvious choice between all plywood construction (APC) and particle board

construction; however, there are a few things to consider when comparing these two:

• Geographical Location

• Budget

• Cabinet Location

• Installation Method

1. Geographical Location - In more humid areas, all plywood (APC) cabinets is ideal. A close second to APC is a high grade particle board, known by Furniture Board,

among other names. Tight grained particle board will hold together in humid areas as well as

APC as long as the cabinets are constructed and installed correctly. An all plywood imported

cabinet often has the same durability as a high quality furniture board cabinet.

2. Budget - Everything in the kitchen remodel business is based on budget. This is why designers

are so insistent on figuring out how much you are looking to spend on your project. There is little

to no incentive for most designers to try to squeeze every penny out of you, but rather help guide

you through the design process. One of the first things designers will recommend sacrificing is

APC, saving around 10-20% of your cabinet cost. Experienced designers will know when and

with which cabinet lines to recommend this cut back. If APC fits into your budget, go for it.

3. Cabinet Location - Here we are referring to the cabinet location in your kitchen, not the

geographical location. Wall cabinets seldom touch water, therefore, it may be worth going with

particle board upper cabinets and leaving the lower cabinets the same. As mentioned in the

Budget section, you may want to cut back on the APC for budget purposes. However, consider

having your sink base as well as other cabinets that will come in contact with water (cabinets

around your dishwasher, etc) be made of APC. You can mix and match where you want APC

and where you don't mind cutting back.

4. Installation Method - The way the cabinets are installed can affect the life of your kitchen. Be

sure that all wood toe kicks and base boards are used to help prevent water from damaging your

cabinets. All points where water may come into contact with furniture board should be trimmed

out by all wood trim. In some cases, it can be just as costly to order the needed trim as it is to

simply order APC cabinets to begin with. This is why it is so important to be open with your

designer and tell him or her your budget. Let them know what you would like to spend, what

your max is, and the lowest that you are willing to go.

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