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Are you going to brave installing cabinets yourself? Here is a brief overveiw on how it is done.

More information is coming soon.

1. Mark where all cabinets go on the walls to double check your new kitchen layout

2. Order Materials from cabinet supplier

2. Gather Tools (recommended tools list is coming soon)

3. Receive your materials. If a cabinets or some trim is missing get it on the way immediately. 

4. Hang upper cabinets, crown molding, and under/overcabinet lighting

6. Set bases and complete trim (if you are doing tile backsplash, don't do light rail molding until after tile is complete). 

7. Return any unused/undamaged trim (it is worth ordering extra even if there is a restocking fee. This helps your project move smoothly, and allows for error)

More information is coming soon!!

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